Programs at a Glance

Our programs are as diverse as the clients we serve

Ultimately, we are working towards a service model in which our program areas are simply the starting point for diverse daily activities. For now, our programs are grouped around our clients’ interests, abilities and support needs.

Community Inclusion

    The STARR team goes on regular community outings to takes advantage of a range of recreation and volunteer activities available in Victoria. Clients with high emotional and behavioral support needs are given staff support to help all team members be active participants.
  • Discovery
    Social and communication skills are a key focus for the Discovery team. Staff work with clients on a variety of visual cues, verbal prompts, picture schedules, signing, and structured activities to support social interactions and personal relationships. 
    DREAMS works with clients who require a significant level of physical, personal care or other daily living supports, often at a one-to-one staff ratio. DREAMS team members require significant staff support, but are provided with opportunities to make their own choices and to participate in as wide a range of recreational and social activities as possible.
  • Community Access Team 
    The people who come to CAT want to develop social connections and feel valued for their contributions to community. Everyone In CAT increases their independence through volunteering and participating in recreation activities.
    COSMOS is a service for young adults who are on the autism spectrum and who need extra support.  COSMOS  helps everyone to engage in daily life at a pace, and with activities and routines, that are just right for them.
  • Host Agency
    If you have personalized funding,  the Garth Homer Society can act as Host Agency and administer funding allocated by CLBC to an individual. The society can work with, or on behalf of, an individual, family or caregiver to arrange and manage the supports and services required to meet disability related needs.


  • Pathways  
    Pathways provides social, recreational and health supports to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities as they age.

Learning and Employment

  • ArtWorks – Artist Studio and Gallery
    A supported studio program focused on developing professional artist portfolios and exhibitions.
  • Employment Services
    Job coaching to help clients identify employment goals, skills and abilities, and then coordinate volunteer placements, work experience or paid employment opportunities.
  • Lifestreams Learning
    A specialized education program for young adults that encompasses learning themes such as work skills and behaviour, community participation skills and behaviour management.
  • OPTIONS Independent Learning
    OPTIONS is a day program for people who want to learn – and want to learn by doing. This program focuses on experiential learning to help people meet their individualized learning goals. Learning goals may include developing personal independence skills, pre-employment skills, or simply investigating a personal area of interest.                                               
  • Personal Supports Initiative
    Individualized services for adults who have both significant limitations in managing daily life and a diagnosis of either Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).