Learning new skills through Employment Services

Every Monday Jenny Mackay sorts mail at Coast Capital Credit Union’s head offices in Victoria. Over her two-hour shift, the 21 year-old receives incoming mail, processes outgoing envelopes and delivers mail to staff throughout the building.

“It’s fun to scan and sort the mail,” says Jenny. “And, I really like my boss, Ann.”

GHS coordinated a work experience term for Jenny at the credit union in 2011. Thanks to mentorship from Coast Capital staff like Ann Cooley, Jenny has blossomed in her role and become a valued member of the credit union’s team. She will transition to a paid job placement as of December 1, 2012 and will be the first person with developmental disabilities employed by Coast Capital.

“It’s a win-win situation,” says Ann. “We all look forward to seeing Jenny every Monday and it’s great to see her excel in the position.”

Jenny started at Coast Capital with little on-the-job experience, but has developed a strong set of mail-sorting and customer service skills. She’s confident using the mail-sorting machine and always enjoys interacting with staff on her morning mail run. She’ll catch Ann if she makes a mistake processing incoming mail and continues to impress Coast Capital staff with her strong memory and ability to take on new challenges.

“I love my position,” says Jenny. Her mother does too. Karen Mackay has seen her daughter become more independent since she started with Coast Capital.

“She’s treated with respect and proud of her work,” says Karen. “Jenny has gained her independence and Coast Capital has a valued employee.”

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