About Us

The Garth Homer Society supports adults with developmental disabilities to live fulfilling lives.

The Garth Homer Society provides day services and programming within Greater Victoria for adults with developmental disabilities. We have 185 clients participating in seven different community and employment programs.
Our clients display an astounding range of capabilities, but whatever their capabilities, they all share one thing - hope for their futures, and for a place in the world where they can feel at home among people who value and include them. Our job every day is to work with members of the Garth Homer family to help them be everything that they can be, to the very best of their abilities, and in the unique and often wonderful ways that are best suited to them.
Services and Programs
At Garth Homer, we provide a wide range of services designed to address diverse challenges. Our services and programs fit our clients, not the other way around. Activities are broad enough to meet our clients’ changing needs throughout life and rich enough to foster lively social interaction and durable friendships. All our programs are built around opportunities for learning and personal growth for clients of all ages.
Our goal is to provide a lifelong continuum of support—to meet the changing needs at every stage of life. Every client has an individualized plan built on their particular needs.
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The Garth Homer Centre
Our programs are based in the Garth Homer Centre— a busy community hub, where clients come and go to and from their community-based activities every day.  We invite you to find out more in the pages here and look forward to hearing from you.
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