Community Inclusion

Finding a way to express yourself is often the first step to finding your community

We know it’s not easy for those with higher needs, such as multiple or complex developmental disabilities, to find their place in the world. Things that others often take for granted – communication skills, or physical mobility, for example, can be barriers to building a sense of belonging.

Our skilled staff offer a high level of support that helps clients take the steps they need to express themselves, be mobile, and interact with others. We focus on rigorous individual assessments to form the basis for services tightly geared to the specific needs, activities and preference of each client. Every client’s flexible daily schedule consists of a range of community outings, recreational activities, and volunteer opportunities.

We work with high needs clients who require:

  • Physical support, such as needing lifts and transfers out of wheelchairs
  • Behavioural support, including those who may be physically aggressive
  • Personal care, including support for eating and drinking
  • Communication support

Learn more about our community inclusion programs or contact Kevin Steeple, our Manager of Community Inclusion Programs for more information.

Community Inclusion Programs
Kevin Steeple, Manager