Growing older together

As people with developmental disabilities age into later life, Garth Homer is a constant in their changing world. Our current daytime services and future residential services help meet our clients changing needs at every stage of life.

For the most part, people with developmental disabilities age much like everyone else: their needs and interests change; their functional abilities change; health problems increase; and they must cope with major life transitions and a shrinking social circle.

Garth Homer provides services for older age clients that help address these changes.

Our Pathways Program is a place to meet old friends, to participate in community activities, and to grow older with dignity and choice. Pathways participants enjoy both health and social supports in a bright, open space, accessible to wheelchairs and other mobility supports. The program features an accessible garden space just outside its doors. The Pathways rooms offer a range of activities including art classes and cooking workshops, yoga to relax, and reading.

We know the changes associated with aging are ongoing, so we conduct baseline cognitive assessments to help us better recognize later life changes in our clients, including symptoms of dementia. Through these ongoing assessments, we can plan for, and deliver, tailored health supports for our older age clients.

Residential Care
Looking ahead, we’re also working to provide residential care facilities for our older clients. It makes sense to help our clients age in place so they can maintain their friendships, daily routines and personal care supports.

In partnership with the Garth Homer Foundation, we aim to develop a highly innovative, cluster housing for older adults on site at the Garth Homer Centre. This housing will be integrated with a neighbourhood-based day services centre for adults with dementia and will serve both those with and without dementia.

Learn more about our Geriatrics Programs, or contact Andrea Youson,  Manager of Geriatric Programs, for more information.

Geriatric Programs
Andrea Youson, Manager