Becoming more independent in the Discovery Program

Neil Mavridis has participated in GHS programming for just a year. But, in that short time he’s transitioned from a teenager to an increasingly independent young adult. Neil, who turns 21 in September, joined GHS’s Discovery program with his twin brother, Scott, in July 2013. He’s quickly grown up at GHS, but has become well known at the Garth Homer Centre for his friendly laugh and cheeky jokes.

Neil’s daily schedule is filled with volunteer and recreation activities that have helped to boost his confidence and independence. Each week he participates in recycling activities by picking up empty bottles from local restaurants and used paper from around the Garth Homer Centre. Proceeds from Neil’s and other GHS participants’ work are donated to Mary’s Farm and Sanctuary in Goldstream, which supports rescued horses, goats and llamas. Neil once shied away from participating in the recycling activities, but now ably collects bottles from restaurant owners each Wednesday. He also has access to the centre’s paper recycling bins, using a temperamental main key.

When he’s not busy supporting recycling efforts, Neil also volunteers with the Military Family Resource Centre in Esquimalt, where he cleans and washes toys for the children’s programs. At the Garth Homer Centre, Neil loves to belt out Michael Jackson tunes during karaoke and music sessions. He also participates in weekly fishing outings to Elk Lake during the summer months and is an accomplished photographer. Many GHS staff have Neil’s photography calendars hanging in their offices!

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