Learning and Employment

At the Garth Homer Society, we believe that all people want to have purpose in their daily life. They want to build meaningful relationships, contribute to the community and play a valuable role in their employment or volunteer roles.

Our learning and employment programs help our clients find their purpose through a range of different activities and experiences that support both practical learning and social development. Ultimately the aim is to ensure that each individual can maximize his or her potential for inclusion, employment, and independence.

Currently, our learning and employment services comprise five different programs.

  • ArtWorks Artists Studio and Gallery provides a professional studio space, gallery, and training for those for whom art is both a passion and a vocation. This is a working program for full-time artists.
  • Supported Employment Services provides meaningful paid employment for adults with developmental disabilities. Our services promote increased independence through work and help participants in the program to earn a fair wage for purposeful employment.
  • OPTIONS Independent Learning’s volunteers make a lasting difference and gain valuable skills through partnering for volunteer employment with non-profit organizations across Greater Victoria.
  • The Computer Resource Centre offers opportunities for digital learning using iPads, computers and educational programs.
  • Lifestreams Learning provides a highly individualized program of post-secondary education for young adults coming out of special needs programs in high school. It prepares young adults for inclusion and employment by developing academic and work skills, self-management skills, and community participation skills.

As part of our community inclusion services, we also support individuals under Community Living BC’s Personal Supports Initiative (PSI.) PSI provides individualized services for adults who have both significant limitations in managing daily life and a diagnosis of either Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).