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Community Living BC
One of the first things we'll ask about is your relationship with Community Living BC (CLBC). CLBC provides funding for programs and services for adults with developmental disabilities. All Garth Homer clients must be eligible for services through CLBC. Garth Homer does not receive payment from individuals or families that participate in our programs, but receives funding via CLBC.

In order for an individual to access GHS services, they must be:

  • An adult with a developmental disability, 19 years or older
  • Eligible for services through CLBC
  • Referred to us by CLBC
  • Have personal goals that are a good fit with our services and programs

If you are not already registered with CLBC, please call them at 250.952.4203 and ask to speak to a duty worker to set up an assessment or an intake. Waitlists for GHS services are maintained by CLBC.

Joining Garth Homer
Once a client or family has received a referral to Garth Homer from CLBC, we sit down with the client, family and/or caregiver to discuss the next steps.

We want to understand how your goals and needs fit with our programs and what you want to achieve being part of Garth Homer. Working through expectations at the beginning is an important first step to providing the right care for someone.

We'll also work with you and CLBC to confirm they have funding for you to access Garth Homer services.

Feel free to contact Kevin Steeple, Manager of Client Services at 250.475.2270 with questions about how to access Garth Homer services.