STARR expands into new space

The new STARR program room is a quiet space for clients to work independently.

It's important for GHS clients to have their own space throughout the day at the Garth Homer Centre — room to draw, read, or just relax. This is particularly important for clients in GHS programs like STARR, which supports those with significant emotional, communication, and behavioral support needs.

In recent months, the GHS STARR program has created independent quiet space for clients through the renovation of a former staff lunchroom. The new room’s lilac walls and lighting make it a calming space for participants to relax or work independently.

The program now has two main rooms for clients at the Garth Homer Centre. The added space allows for both quiet and noisy program activities, giving clients a choice between the two environments and helping them to feel more balanced throughout the day. As soon as renovations were completed in early July, STARR participants began to use the new spaces on a daily basis for art activities, to use iPads or for other independent activities.

“We were outgrowing our room,” says Program Coordinator BJ Webb. “The new space has allowed us to accept more participants and give everybody the space they need.”

Re-envisioning spaces within the Garth Homer Centre has been a key focus for GHS over the last year, to ensure clients have the space they need to grow and develop. As our programs have expanded, we’ve reconfigured rooms and moved program spaces to make better use of space within the building. In addition to the STARR program renovations, the spaces for the geriatrics programs Pals and Pearls are also undergoing a transformation. Stay tuned for updates!

For more information about the STARR Program, contact BJ Webb at 250-475-2270.