Rana Weihs – Residential Supervisor


Born and raised in Montreal, Rana received her degree in Anthropology.  After living in the Quebec Arctic for 3 years, she moved out west for the big adventure in her late 20’s. Rana worked for many years in the financial services industry here in BC - first in Vancouver, and then in Victoria in 1998.  Rana has been with Juan de Fuca Ground and inland waters Search and Rescue for 8 years, working her way up to team leader, and specializing in Swiftwater (white water) Rescue. She is now a member of the Shawnigan Fire and Rescue team.

Rana has two kids, one grandchild, and plays soccer with Vic West soccer club’s over 30’s team. She is bullding a cabin on the ocean off the grid on an island near Campbell River. She can cook a gourmet meal on a campfire, and is a mushroom hunter and forager extraordinaire!